PRICOM Design's next generation Dream Player...
The Dream Player MK2 AMPLIFIED!



Power Input: 7-24V AC or DC
Connection using 2 position terminal strip
Current consumption approximately 120mA while playing

Trigger Input: 4 Inputs for Switches or Contact Closures
Connection using 2 position terminal strip
Optically isolated with built-in current limit resistors

Trigger Output: 4 Outputs may be used for relays, lamps, LEDs, and other devices.
Connection using 7 position terminal strip
Pulls to GND. Output rated for 200mA

Audio Output: Line Level Analog
Audio Output Connection using 3.5mm (1/8 ") Stereo Jack
Allows direct connection of amplified 'media speakers '
May also use non-powered speakers, such as headphones

Audio Formats: 16bit, stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1KHz

Output Level: 3V Peak-To-Peak Maximum

Storage Device: micro SD FLASH Card 64MB up to 16GB
Files use about 10MB/minute.
64MB holds about 7 minutes
1GB about 100 minuets
2GB about 3 hours
16GB about 25 hours

Storage Format: FAT, FAT32 formatted cards (standard)

File Format: Standard WAV files placed in the microSD card

Amplifier (MK2 AMPLIFIED): Class D 3w/channel into 8ohm speaker pair


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