We do love to take our scale sound on the road!


Want more? We can create a single custom scene, or deliver a complete 'turnkey' scale sound design for your entire layout.

In any scale!

Our complete RailRoadies service offers all the whistles and bells!
*We can visit with you, and your pike, and take the time to get to know you both. We can work with you to develop a coherent, elegant and simple scale sound strategy... and hopefully, one that is fun.
*Then we will do the research, gather all the necessary individual sounds, make any field or studio recordings necessary, and scratch build (sound design) any unobtainable sounds.
*We routinely create custom music or scratch build unusual features if a model scene requires it (its what we do best). We can even provide installation, camouflage, and final mastering using your layout as a reference.
* We specialize in unique lighting FX available nowhere else, and in synchronizing sound with lighting, animation, train movement, and people movements.
* When everything is built, we can install and conceal the systems in the layout, and then do final audio mastering with you, using your layout as our monitors. This latter service is an extension of our L.I.V.E™ Mix-down technique originally developed for themepark attractions, and is available no where else on earth.

Very few layouts require all of our RailRoadies™ services, but we are delighted to be able to offer you RailRoadiesversatility. If you think your railroad empire deserves completely unique and magical sound and lighting FX... just ask the Fantasonics Enginears, aka, The RailRoadies.

If you are curious, or wish to know more, you may wish to contunue reading about RailRoadies Custom Scale Sound Design. Or...

Contact us directly, and we'll be delighted to help.

We're really not exaggerating when we say we can create anything you can imagine. Most of our RailRoadies™ clients have fairly active imaginations! Initial consulting is free, if you are curious, or just want to brainstorm, take a few moments to call us and explore the possibilities of RailRoadies custom scale sound design...

in your railroad:

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