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Just like being somewhere... only quietly and more fun!

CD's are available in the following scenes:

Way Side Station
The Old West (2 CD set!)
The Slightly Newer West (2 CD set!)
Small Time Mine Operation
Wild West Saloon
Quaint Fishing Harbor
Waterfalls & Rivers
Streams & Creeks
Day & Night (mountain)
Day & Night (prairie/desert)
Four Corners (dawn/day/dusk/night)
Lakes & Ponds (2 CD set!)

Big City (turn of the last century)
The Big City (roaring 20's & 30's)
Big City (Transition Era)
Big City (modern, diesel)

Big Port Harbor (turn of the last century)
Big Port Harbor (WWII, big steam)
Big Port Harbor (modern, diesel)
International Seaport

Roundhouse/Switch Yard (turn of the last century)
Roundhouse/Switch Yard (WWII, big steam)
Roundhouse/Switch Yard (modern, diesel)



Big City Station (turn-of-the-century) New!
Big City Station (transition era) New!
Big City Station (modern) New!

Small Town Station (turn of the last century) New!
Small Town Station (early 1900's) New!
Small Town Station (late 1900's) New!


Stamp Mills, 5 , 10 & 20 stamps
Saw Mill (pre 1920's, steam powered)
Logging Camp (pre 1920's)
Logging Operations (pre 1920's)
Popp's Paper Products (paper mill)
The Big Industry!
Two (or possibly three) Factories
'Steam' Wood Factory
'Electric' Wood Factory
Big Time Mine
The Roundhouse Series (2 CD set!)
The Waterfront Series (2 CD set!)
Old Time Mining Ops (steam)
Old Time Mining Ops (electric)
Riley's feed & Grain (rural elevators)
The Big Elevators
Railside Stockyards (2 CD set)
The Warehouse District New!
The Refinery New!

Dedicated Scale Model Sound Design:
All Scale Magic Sound is scratch built! Built up from a bed of glorious digital silence, and into a three dimensional scale model scene image. Every Scale Magicsoundtrack is designed to work in a miniature scene... right from the beginning.

We do not sell collections of recordings of real places. We don't sell full scale recordings. We DO sell dedicated scale sound models! Each CD scene is hand made, meticulously scratch built from hundreds of individual sounds. Each little sound is tweaked mercilessly in the digital audio workstation until it literally 'leaps out' at scale volume levels, but the real magic is in the proprietary Scale Magic imaging we scratch build 'around' every single one of our Scale Magic scenes!

The tiny reflections around it are what make a prototype sound appear real, but 'tiny reflections' can disappear below the threshold of human hearing at quieter, scale volume levels. To compensate sound for scale playback, we scratch build and then caricature a dedicated 'ambient scene image' around all of the little sounds in that scene. That's the magic part of Scale Magic sound, and what makes our soundtracks... scale models!

It's also what makes our scenes sound like 'someplace'...

We bring hundreds of individual sounds into each scene soundtrack, for the first time... but they have never been a 'place' before. They need to sound like they belong together in the same scene, so we scratch build a final caricatured overall image around every built up scene. This final caricature gives the scene a life of its own, its own sense of place, and an uncanny ability to 'couple up' to full scale ears at scale volume. This really works! And it is engineered to work best at tiny, scale volume levels... and in your model railroad layout!

Scale Magic Sound is guaranteed to quietly sound huge...

Sound like BS (blowing steam)?
Listen for yourself!
Click on any scene title above, and look for the link to 'Sneak a peak... here!'

Or click here to hear what some of our customers have to say...

Buy your first Scale Magic™ CD soundtrack with complete instructions for cheaply, easily, and successfully building, installing, and concealing a scale sound system in your layout. The owner's manual is substantial in its own right (over 30 pages with tons of illustrations!), and it teaches everything you will need to know about the nature of hearing and scale sound, how we created your soundtrack and why/how it works, and how to easily build scale sound into any layout scene. Most importantly, the manual will save you from making the most common mistakes! Its the best $5 you'll ever invest in a new modeling medium. We really do want your experience with scale sound to be fun...

You may also read the manual separately. Learn exactly how Scale Magic™ Sound's proprietary scale imaging works, and how easy and bullet-proof it is to use... before you buy. A great deal of the information in the manual is valuable in any layout sound application, whether or not you buy a soundtrack from us.

Download the Scale Magic™ Scale sound Owner's Manual in .pdf form, and get started dreaming immediately!

You'll love your new Scale Magic™ layout sound, or your money back...
(We've engineered that much fun & magic into every scene!)

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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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