PRICOM Design's next generation Dream Player...
The Dream Player MK2 AMPLIFIED!







Pricom Design Dream Player MK2 AMP Owner's Manual

View the Config.txt file

The second generation of the classic Dream Player... with power!

Its ready to drive most speakers directly!

The Dream Player MK2 AMPLIFIED does it all, AND has clean Class D stereo amplification (3 watts per channel) on board!

Pricom DESIGN introduces any new features in the player via downloadable firmware upgrades! Upgrading firmware is simple! The firmware upgrade (a .PDI file) is copied onto the miniSD card, and loading into the player system is a simple push of a button.

   The Dream Player MK2 AMPLIFIED ('on board' 3w/channel stereo amp!) Kit (DP-MK2AMP)
Includes Power Supply, SD Flash Card, and Quickstart Guide.
MSRP $109.00


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