PRICOM Design's next generation Dream Player...
The Dream Player MK2 AMPLIFIED!







Pricom Design Dream Player MK2 AMP Owner's Manual (pdf)

View the Config.txt file

This is the second generation of the classic Dream Player. It can do everything the classic does and indeed, it is a direct drop-in replacement in all existing Dream Player installations... but it does a whole bunch of nifty new things to boot. For example...

Its ready to drive most speakers directly!

It can disconnect its trigger inputs while playing to eliminate double cueing (handy for interactive 'big red button' and motion sensor applications in museums).

It can, on cue, fade out a background audio file, play a newly triggered file, and then resume playing the background track... where it left off!

It can be reconfigured with a simple, plain English text file (Config.txt) that rides with the audio files on its microSD card. The config.txt file is read at power up and not only implements all the features and modes the classic's dip switches do, but all of the newest features as well!

Upgrades of the player's firmware are simplified in the MK2! No software or proprietary factory hardware connections to anything external, a firmware upgrade file (.PDI file) is simply dargged & dropped onto on your SD card, and loading new firmware is literally a simple push of a button.

   The Dream Player MK2 AMPLIFIED ('on board' 3w/channel stereo amp!) (DP-MK2AMP)
You provide Power Supply, SD Flash Card, and Speakers.
MSRP $89.00


   Power Supply for The Dream Player MK2... $9.00
NOTE: power supply requires 120VAC (US) input!

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