As you will see, our customers are more than satisfied...
they are honestly tickled pink!

The CD I ordered last week arrived yesterday. I just popped it in my computer to audition your product, and WOW! Congratulations on a fine piece of work. As a soon-to-be-retired broadcaster and radio station owner, I must tell you that's an excellent job of audio production. I know.....I've been doin' it for 54 years! Can't wait to get my layout wired for sound!

Keep up the good work!

Bill S.
President & General Manager
WGHN, Inc.
Grand Haven, Michigan


Todd T.
Elk Rapids, MI


I finished a quick install yesterday and needed to brag.

One '1800's Waterfront CD from Jim

Media speaker set from local computer store with powered sub woofer.

CD player from Wally World (on sale)

The feeling of being IN the scene

I'm Hooked
Terry H.
Reynoldsburg, OH


To: Fantasonics Enginears,
To begin with, let me say how much I was impressed with the Roundhouse Yards WWII CD I received in the mail yesterday. The sounds and the composition are just as you said they would be. The owners manual that accompanied the CD was filled with very interesting information, and I think I almost enjoyed the owners manual as much as the CD.

Ed W.
Leesburg, Fl


Hi, Jim,
I love the CD's. I Have not installed any part of the sound system yet but I did set the Engine House and others in front of me, put on the CD and it comes alive... so far I have done this with all the CD's. The waterfall one will put you to sleep if you close your eyes. The Fishing Harbor, you can smell the ocean, it's great.

Looking forward to the new CD.
Robert C.
Lancaster, CA


Hello Jim and Christie,
I received my CD for my waterfront and I could not be more pleased. I took my partner down to hear it and she suggested that she take it home to play at bed time because it is so relaxing! I said no! You guys got it right. I just ordered two more CDs and look forward to making my layout come alive.

I don't need the manual for these new ones so save them for other customers. I have already told Carl Swenson from Model Railroader about your products and will tell many others.

Thanks, Carl S.
Saugus, MA


Thanks very much for your promptness. My order arrived yesterday. The only problem is that I couldn't get to sleep last night. I'm just so excited, that I couldn't quit thinking about it. I did figure out where to put the speakers, though, while I was trying to fall asleep.

Have a great day.
Phil H.
Macomb, MI


Hi Jim & Christie,
I wanted to send a note saying how much I enjoy your product. I ordered the Day/Night Mountain sounds and think it is fantastic. I liked it so much I just ordered two more of your CDs. The Wayside Station and Quaint Fishing Harbor. I can hardly wait to hear them.

Thanks again
Michael G.
Wenatchee, WA

PS also joined the yahoo group layoutsound


Your Urban Sounds CD just arrived yesterday and I played a couple of tracks on my computer - they're fantastic! Some of the sounds even gave me some more detailing ideas for my urbanscape. Can't wait to actually plug it in temporarily on the layout just for kicks! It's very cool sounding! Just wanted you to know.
Thanks for the great product.
Steve D.
Wayzata, MN


Got the CDs today. They're great. Have been listening to them most of the day,
as I work on a few of my locos. Definitely plan on getting more.
Charles U.
Corvallis, OR


Hi Jim,
Yes, I have 'got it'... never back to lifeless silence again. Thanks for the great product, and the great service.

Reade M.
Joshua Tree, CA





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