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These soundtracks will create the perfect atmosphere for that 'bogged down' scene on your railroad. One or more of these scenes will serenade that swamp land your riailroad purchased. All of these tracks are inhabited by the types of critters you might expect... there are even a few humans. Some of the tracks are inhabited by gators (or crocs:), but frogs, crickets, and a few uninvited guests make appearances as well... we've even included a few flies and mosquitos to buzz around your operators and visitors.

Swaps, marshes, deep bayous, bogs and wetlands are in the nature of these tracks. And while some tracks are indeed 'busier' at moments than others, most any of them will be right at home on that unique water feature along your right-o-way.

These tracks drip (in some cases literally) with wetland charm and quiet water ambience. A banjo, or pool jaw harp (or both:), and the occasional harmonica may waft around in the distance, and if you listen closely you may hear a putt putt boat navigating the water in the distance, but most of the time its simply still waters running deep... with the odd frog doing a belly flop from a sunny log. Both day and nighttime tracks are included.

The Swamp/Marsh/Bayou

Track 1
Marshy Day 16:14
Track 2 Swampy Afternoon 16:21
Track 3 Swamp (quiet evening) 11:41
Track 4 Swap (dark night) 17:41


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

 copyright © 2013, Fantasonics™ Engineering, all rights reserved.