"The Railside Stockyards"
2 CD set!
(available on CD, and on SD with the Scale Magic Dream Player LITE)

Sneak a peak here...
(note: sample is BOTH cows and pigs)

Where's the beef? Got Milk? The Other white meat? These questions are answered on our newest 2 CD set!

This scene portrays railside stock pens. Plenty of beef (or milk!) and pork on the hoof here, and plenty of hoofs on the ground, and hoofs on wetter/mushier materials, and hoofs on wooden loading ramps, and hoofs on stock car floors. There is some branding going on, and plenty of cowpokes (and pigpokes) to keep critters moving along.

Sorry, no sheep, goats, donkeys or chickens in stock, but there are plenty of birds and other critters 'around' this scene (especially in the nighttime tracks:). There's also plenty of shoveling going on, and on, and on... and you may even see some visitors swatting at flies buzzing aorund their heads! Some soundtracks are quieter with just a few cows mooing, or pigs/hogs squealing and grunting, and some soundtracks are busier and livelier portraying a fairly busy stockyard full of life and activity.

Scale Magic proprietary imaging makes this scene big no matter how quietly you play it.

The Railside Stockyards

Disc 1 (Cattle)
1. All Beef 10:45
2. Quiet Cows 10:45
3. Cattle 10:50
4. Restless Herd 10:46
5. Cattle (smaller pens) 10:40
6. Cattle Night 10:03

Disc 2 (Hogs)
1. Pig Pen 10:48
2. Whole Hog 10:48
3. Hogs (smaller pen) 10:19
4. Cattle Pigs 10:50
5. Hog Night 10:05


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

 copyright © 2013, Fantasonics™ Engineering, all rights reserved.