"Old Time Mine Ops (electric)"
(available on CD & on SD with the Scale Magic Dream Player LITE)

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Its just plain dirty fun. Not our 'big time' mining operations, not our 'small time' mining operations, these soundtracks portray the kinds of remote operations we see most modeled on model railroad layouts... our old time mine operations are the kind of hard working mines that can keep a railroad somewhat busy.

This operation will be right at home on any layout set in an era from around the turn of the last century right up through the transition era (and a bit beyond!). Power on this one is primarily electric, with some infernal combustion...

Warning! There's blasting going on...

Pretty much every kind of machinery you might expect is in operation at one time or another, winches, hoists, pulleys, conveyors and more conveyors dumping load upon load of heavy ore, compressors, air drills, mine cars shuttling back and forth... and a substantial compliment of dusty ornery cusses, cantankerous coots, blasted blasters, pickers, and other miner characters. There's also plenty of critters in the hills around the ops... if you can hear them for all the racket:).

Scale Magic imaging is at work... even when the miners aren't:)! One or more of these tracks will be right at home in almost any mine you might have along your right-o-way.

Several different shifts are included, some busier, some quieter, but the work never stops... until night falls.

Scale Magic™ imaging makes this scene big no matter how far down you turn the volume.

Track 1 Day shift (busy) 16:03
Track 2 Day shift (quiet) 18:13
Track 3 Day shift (afternoon) 8:59
Track 4 Day shift (evening) 10:39
Track 5 Electric night 18:11


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

 copyright © 2013, Fantasonics™ Engineering, all rights reserved.