"The Steam Wood factory!"
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Note: At some point, turn it down...
(a 2.1 system with a sub would be ducky)

Another in our "Signature Series" of industrial switching scenes, The Steam Wood factory is likely just what you expect. We can't tell from the outside, but whatever they are doing inside involves wood, and plenty of it. They cut and saw and hack and chip and plane and pound away... sometimes.

This scene portrays a mid size woodworking operation... but no matter how much you turn it down, if its audible at all, the scene image is big!

The Steam Wood factory is not era specific and could be almost any bigger wood shop in the past century that uses a boiler, stationary engine, and belt transmission of power. Each soundtrack conveys a different variation on a shift. All shifts start out quietly, with a shift whistle, and build up to an uproar. Lean in and its like being somewhere... move back a couple of feet and you're witness to the 'big picture'.

Scale Magic™ industrial strength imaging makes this one capture and hold the imagination of the listener at any scale volume level! Other than a couple of crows (with ruffled feathers), this scene is 'all about torturing wood', and could be almost any bigger manufacturing outfit, almost any time of the day or night, almost anywhere in the world.

Track one (15:26) intro, is a typical day shift (even includes a short break for lunch:).
Track two (10:33) day, starts off with everything going almost to good to believe, but in no time flat there is a break down. It takes a while, some arguing and some hard work, but they're back up and running... just in time for the end of the shift.
Track three (15:25) quiet, portrays a short, but busy shift.
Track four (15:25) is a very busy shift.
Track five (4:15) busy on demand.


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

 copyright © 2013, Fantasonics™ Engineering, all rights reserved.