"Logging Camp (pre 1920's)"
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Logging Camp (pre 1920's)
This CD soundtrack will create the ambiance for most any early logging camp, especially those with a bunk car or two. In the background, distant loggers are busy felling trees with axes and two-man-saws, and a donkey boiler and engine are working the winches. In the foreground, the camp crew is often 'quietly' at work on machinery and such. The entire scene is set in a Scale Magic™ mountain forest ambiance. Includes both day and nighttime scratch built tracks, but you might hear a lumberjack snoring away ("sawing logs")... anytime.


This one really takes you 'someplace else'...

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"Logging Camp (pre 1920's)" CD $24.95

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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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