Mix the stereo line level outputs from up to four audio players into a single audio system!

The Dream Mixer - Passive Edition is ever so handy for designing and engineering more versatile audio system applications. You can mix up to four individually cue'd sounds/players, into a single amp/speaker system.

Our first application of the passive mixer mixed the sounds of log dumps (synchronized with actual log dumps from log disconnect cars into a real water log pond!) with the uninterrupted sounds of a saw mill, in the same audio system. A facia push button cues the log dump animation and a Dream Player LITE in RandomMode that picks from four log dump files. The individual log dumps are mixed with the ongoing saw mill soundtracks... day or night:).

The mixers are the perfect affordable way to achieve polyphony into a single scene. The mixers mix any stereo line level outputs (from any players).

Typical Wiring Diagram

The Dream Mixer - Passive Edition (DM-PE)
1 Dream Mixer - Passive Edition & Quick Start Guide

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