Dream Player MK2 Features

The Dream Player MK2, like all of the new Dream players, is completely user configurable with a simple (plain english!) text file that rides along with the audio files on the SD card.

The 'Config.txt' file

The various play modes, trigger characteristics, master volume, and even fade times, are all completely user configurable through the use of this ingenius and rediculously simple to use text file. This straightforward little file automatically configures the Dream Player MK2 for the playback YOU want at each power up.

Basic descriptions of config file management, and of the various player modes and characteristics are presented in this short (less than 4KBytes:) file.


NOTE: The LITE and MK2 players share a single Config.txt (makes for easy feature comparison between the two players:).

For the most complete information on the features see: The Dream Player MK2 Owner's Manual


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