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Here we will explore the "enchantment potential"Listen! of sound!

Although you cannot see sound, or touch it, the right sound can create moods, signal activity, and even create animation around your railroad. In fact, it can do all that, and more! Whether you are still planning your empire or the major work is long finished, the right sound properly applied can bring your pike to "life".

The aural image is every bit as important as the visual image, but it is much easier to model! We'll show you just how easy it is.

One big secret to quality sound is a quality sound track! With the audio files available for free at The General Store and the plans and techniques we will give you here, you can build the magic of sound into your railroad for a lot less time and money than you ever imagined. In fact, when you don't have to create the tracks yourself, you'll be amazing your friends (and fooling your enemies) with audio magic tricks before you know it.

  • The Nature of Sound and Hearing
  • The Complete Audio Chain!
  • Aural Illusions
  • Scale Sound & Distance
  • Environmentals
  • Pointsources
  • FX
  • The Dizzying Sound Gags (an ongoing chronicle)



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