The Whitby Loco Offspring...

This is semi-amazing for a prototype...

that never existed!

Below are thumbnails of The Whitby's offspring... (that we KNOW of:),
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The Twins
The Santos Brothers in Central California, Jack & Robert, are building two Whitby Locos in approximately 2.5" scale... with the Whitby, its always approximately:). They will both be electric steam outline locos. That is, they will look like steamers, but run on battery power electric motors. When they told us what they were planning, we sent them every illustration we had. They even visited (to meet Whitby in person), and spent hours photographing the little loco from every angle. Bless their hearts, they made full size (2.5" scale) mechanical drawings, and delivered them to us in Santa Clara at the National Narrow Gauge Convention.






Grandpa Whitby

The Phoebe, No.2

The next member of the extended Whitby family is Grandpa Whitby. This loco is a true Grandpa in every sense, it is the creation of Grandpa Dan Sawatzky (who also created much of the wonderful artwork for our little business and website). The Phoebe is also an electric steam outline design, and runs on 15" gauge trackwork. Phoebe stands some six feet tall and is a 'ride in' loco for Dan's 'grandpa railroad' (Dan plans on running this livery with his grandkids:).

. . .


Number Nine, The Mary
Follow this link (or click on the photo below) to see Jack Bodenmann's incredible live steam coal burning
'distant cousin' of The Whitby, No. 9!

Jack helped me in so many ways when I was originally designing the Whitby. He spent hours patiently teaching me the inner workings of a real live steamer, and the backhead design (a Whitby hallmark) is entirely Jacks doing! When I asked him about backhead designs, he started talking and scribbling a cartoon caricature with all the essential elements laid out... I wound up translating his scribbles almost verbatim into the original Whitby backhead.



Third Generation
Whistle and bell notwithstanding, here's an offspring with all the whistles and bells. Rowan has incorporated elements of almost every Whitby ever, including a few 'relations' that many do not know about! Look closely and you will see influences from Bruce Bate's Birdwater & Raspberry, Roland Emmit's cartoons, Disney's Casey Jones Jr., Dan Sawatzky's cariacture, A.W.N.U.T.S., and even a tie to the Whitby's original concept... as a Christmas train. In true Rowan style, this is a truly unique adaptation, yet it captures the spirit of the Whitby as well as any. Rowan pretty much builds as he imagines, his building style allows him to create models almost as soon as he thinks of them!

We're not exactly sure where to hang this little tea kettle on the family tree (likely Rowan's plan from the start:)... but the resemblance is unmistakable, and we couldn't possibly be more proud. Below please find 'wallet size' photos of The Grandbaby of all Whitbys, from birth through his first Christmas...

And here are a some 'not too distant' cousins...