We're Jim & Christie Wells...

We started Fantasonics Engineering on April 1st, 1980 as a design consulting group (The Enginears) specializing in the studio production and audio system engineering for themepark attractions and animated display. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and we stumbled into a number of innovations in theme park sound design along the way. For example, we were the first to successfully put sound 'on-board' audio-animatronics characters, and the first to use the attraction itself as a speaker reference system during the soundtrack mastering process. We also designed the first 'animation transportation system' (a railroad theme), where the train sound, the animated passengers, and the display through which they are ALL traveling, are all synchronized in a single musical orchestration. Model railroading can be an awful lot of fun... with a commercial budget!

Indeed, the concept for our own layout, "The Incredible Dizzying Heights Railroad", grew out of this early work.

The Station at Summit, on The IDH...

In the past two decades we set our sights somewhat 'smaller', bringing the same experience, technical expertise, innovative thinking, and professional resources to bare on scale sound applications in model railroading, starting with our own:)! Until recently, all of our work for others had been custom 'RailRoadies' design... and fairly expensive. From this custom work we have figured out how to make scale sound accessible to everyone, with the release of our CD scene collection.

As I always say, "my parents were musicians and model railroaders, before they were parents". Our work in theme parks, and now in scale sound, evolved in no small way from a lifetime of model railroading. Christie has been right there from the beginning and is my muse. She has been supportive, and downright inspirational in every way. She has also been directly involved! She runs the general store, and has turned out to be a terrific sound designer and producer in her own right!

Between our 'RailRoadies' associations and Scale Magic Soundtracks we now have hundreds of scale sound systems and soundtracks at work in pikes all around the world. And in very real ways, we're only just getting started.

As is true in every other medium of model railroading, there is discovery every time we 'go in' to work on a new project.
We have fun, and love what we do, and you can always hear that in our work...

You can contact us:
Fantasonics Engineering
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Orcutt, CA 93455
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