What's on the tracks up ahead?
Artwork by Dan Sawatzky

We are constantly working to introduce new products that enable and encourage model railroaders to have fun with layout sound, and to promote the widespread adoption of layout sound as a legitimate modeling medium within The Hobby!

This is not just a small business. It is our stated goal, our roll as lifetime model railroaders, and it is our way of hopefully making a small contribution back to the world's greatest hobby...

We are tickled and delighted to represent and offer PRICOM Design's entire family of innovative new products, and to be able to offer entirely new Scale Magic™ products based on their wonderful new players & accessories!

Along those lines, we're tooling up to offer a line of R-T-R scale sound micro speaker systems and components. These will be dedicated tiny micro speakers and enclosures that will be insanely easy to install and conceal... and will be matched and referenced to our entire line of scale scene soundtracks! While our Scale Magic™ soundtracks sound good on almost any little Ol' sound system you might wish to use, our dedicated model railroad sound systems will be guaranteed to sound absolutely real... even after installation and concealment in your scenery.

The PRICOM Design Dream Player MC (Multichannel, eight audio outputs) has inspired a complete rebuid and remastering of our entire Scale Magic™ scene catalog, and the release in 2013 of the Scale Magic™ Dream Scenes. These will be based on our existing scenes, but will come with additional point sources (not just two channels!), AND every one will come with scene related synchronized Scale Magic™ Special Lighting FX... Ready-to-Run! Everything you need to bring your layout scene to life (speakers, amps, LED's, etc.) will be included in this new product. Stay tuned!

I have been writing a book on scale sound, lighting, and special animation FX for several years now, "The Model Railroad Magic Book"... perhaps we'll finally get that published!

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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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