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It was some fifteen years ago that Bob Scheffler first let us peek in on his design for an audio player that would change everything, a player that would revolutionize the Hobby, and would advance every commercial audio player application to follow from museums to theme parks. The very first Dream Player was unique in every way previous players weren't!

The new family of Dream Players are equally as far in advance of the first Dream Player, and lightyears ahead of any current audio player technology anywhere out there.

Here's what most folks don't know about Bob Scheffler, he has pioneered, innovated and invented the ways we handle and deliver audio and video data for almost four decades. He holds a bunch of patents and although you wouldn't know it, his inventions have almost certainly touched your life directly. He is singularly fluent in world class hardware, firmware and software design engineering... and integrating all three into products that people can actually use. is his specialty.

So you might imagine just how tickled and excited we were when Bob quietly leaked the news to us of a 'family' of four new Dream Players, and a number of new audio system accessories (mixers, amps and more), and... a new synchronized sound AND lighting AND animation control system!

Once again, PRICOM Design is revolutionizing how we will imagine sound playback (and now our layouts)... forever!

I suppose we should be used to it by now. Fact is, here at Fantasonics Engineering, we're WAY too busy completely redesigning and reconfiguring our entire Scale Magic Sound product line (and business model) around these amazing new PRICOM Design developments! We are already offering a new and improved Scale Magic Dream Player LITE. We are also going about completely re mastering and re-releasing our entire scene catalog in a whole new Pricom player, The Scale Magic Dream Player PRO-FX. This player plays Scale Magic sound, AND four completely synchronized lighting FX! Watch for the Scale Magic Dream Player PRO-FX releases sometime in the new year.

We're delighted to be offering, and supporting PRICOM Design's entire line of audio and lighting products

-Jim & Christie Wells
The Fantasonics Enginears

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