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The official... History

As recorded by The Elves, themselves...

When the elves made a decision to build a railway, the following Architect's Specification was submitted to The Whitby Locomotive Works, no other locomotive builder was considered...

Architect's Specification
Submitted to
The Whitby Locomotive Works


The commissioned locomotive will be IDH No 1. The locomotive will be wood burning. The locomotive will have an 0-4-0 wheel configuration, and will operate on an "Electric" steam pressure of 105 psi (to be measured in decibels). Since the primary reason for creating our railroad is "for the music", the successful candidate locomotive must be capable of being "played like a cheap violin"! It must have installed on board as many noisy operating appliances as is possible! These appliances should include, but are not limited to:

The successful design will have at least two (2) methods for delivering water to the boiler, including an injector to the enginear's side check valve, and a steam driven water pump to the fireman's side check valve. The steam driven water pump must additionally be capable of transferring water from outside sources (such as streams, lakes, waterfalls, etc.), through a series of valves to any of the locomotive's tanks, as well as being capable of delivering a fire fighting stream via an external fire hose. An emergency hand operated water pump will also be provided.

The locomotive cab will have room for our hats.

Optimally, the design will appear ready to fall apart at any moment, and will have free animation (loose, sprung, hinged,wobbling, hanging, freely moving components) everywhere possible. The loco should be delivered new from the shops with a few dents, for starters.

The successful design will make us laugh.


The locomotive must be fun to operate, and it must be fun to witness!





A rare photostat copy of The Whitby Locomotive Works' successful design submission is "thumbnailed" below...


Click this photostat to see it much larger!