"...and night fell!"

By clicking on Ol' No. 3,you've discovered "The Big Yawn!"

This is the first of the new Incredible Dizzying Surprises, that will be replacing the "old" incredible dizzying surprises hiding in the IDH Mountain Range! In this scene, you will find a soundtrack suitable for almost any "inhabited" night time scene on you layout. It will play all da... night if you wish!

This 'surprise' is provided as a direct scale sound source. You will hook the stereo audio outputs of your computer to the line level inputs of a cassette (or MD, or CD, etc.) recorder. There are no separately downloaded files here, you can only play them from your compatible browser. These sounds will will play forever (as long as your browser is open:), even after you are disconnected from the internet!

Give us a moment to finish loading the background graphic above, and have fun!

You will need the Beatnik player installed in your browser to hear these soundtracks...

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All ready? Then, "enter" the scene...