PRICOM Design's new Dream Player PRO brings innovative features never before available in any player...

In the scale model world, and in the full scale world of commercial applications from themeparks & museums, to distributed music & paging, and beyond...
this player changes everything.

The PRO is so far ahead of everything else on the market its not funny! Its ready for anything. And with Pricom DESIGN's proprietary PNET protocol capability it's ready to work & play well with everything imaginable out there, every show control, every animation microprocessor, every DCC system, every lighting system (DMX), MIDI, AES...

The RailRoadies™ can implement ALL OF the newest features in the PRO including Three-Part 'real time playable' files, sound and SYNCHRONIZED scratch built linear lighting FX (of up to 32 channels!) with the PRO-MIDI capability! Contact us directly about this!

Introducing The Dream Player PROFESSIONAL




PRO Config.txt file


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   The PRICOM Design Dream Player PRO Kit... $119.00
Player PRO, miniSD card, power supply, Sample CD, Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual


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Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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