PRICOM Design's MultiChannel Dream Player MC offers you 4 stereo (or eight discrete monaural!) channels of line level polyphonic professional quality audio playback!

The Dream Player MC is mind boggling in it's creative (user configurable!) execution and playback features! The MC has features only dreamed about by professionals...
for example:

Four stereo players running in perfect synchronization
Up to Eight channel broadcast wave file playback
Versatile seemless integration with the outside world: AES, MIDI, DMX, SEMPTE, DCC and more
User configurable Trigger Inputs and Control Outputs
Complete external cue'ing of almost any number of 44.1/16 wave files... in any combination!

Download the Owner's Manual, Config.txt, and latest Firmware Version

   The PRICOM Design Dream Player MC Kit... $329.00
Player PRO, miniSD card, power supply, Sample CD, Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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