Pricom Design's Layout Lighting Solution offers versatile, coordinated complete control over layout lighting, layout room lighting, and layout animation control!

...all in concert with Dream Player sound!

The PRICOM Design system building blocks approach enables DMX control of layout and room lighting, control of animation, and through the innovative PNET interface, perfectly coordinated Dream Player sound!

The incredible Layout Lighting Solution control system was unveiled in Grand Rapids, and it is nothing short of amazing. A slick interface with DMX puts professional lighting control at your fingertips, and the innovative PNET seamlessly integrates lighting and animation with sound in the new Dream Players! And everything can be addressed wirelessly by computers, tablets, etc...

The new system is so new that we cannot yet offer the level of support and personal service our customers have come to expect (we're still learning the creative potential ourselves:). So for now we suggest you go directly to PRICOM Design to learn more... and to purchase!


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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