A reliable high quality, good sounding amplifier!

This amp delivers an honest 10 watts per channel into 8 ohm loads, and is suitable for most commercial applications. The efficient class D amplifier design is ideal in any application, and especially handy in battery and/or solar powered applications.

Power your own speakers directly with this very efficient stereo power amplifier. All connections are made using screw closure terminal strips to allow for simple and direct wiring of speakers and supplying power. Volume is adjustable using the handy on-board volume knob to allow for precise control of volume. The audio source input is supplied simply by taking an audio patch cable and connecting the AMP to a audio source (such as a Dream Player:).

The AMP can be powered from a variety of sources, anything from a simple plug in wall supply or even a solar panel. The supply can be AC from 12-16 Volts or DC from 12-20 volts giving quite a range and options with which to power the AMP.

The PRICOM Design Dream AMP (DP-AMP)
MSRP $59.00 

The Dream Mili-AMP (DP-mA)
The Dream miliAMP is an amazing little package. Two (stereo) 2 watt class D outputs.

MSRP $19.00

12VDC 1A Wall Transformer (TXW-12V1A)
Supply power to your Dream AMP with this plug-in DC wall Supply.
MSRP $9.00
NOTE: power supply requires 120VAC (US) input!

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