Dream Accessories

The Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

The PIR Motion Sensor is only 1 1/2 inches square and can easily be situated in a variety of locations, perfect to trigger a Dream Player.

Requires only three wire connections to, and is powered solely from, your Dream Player. Now a tree never falls in the forest... until someone is there to hear it. Use the PIR Motion Sensor to detect operators, visitors, or trains!

This sensor is effective up to 15 feet. It draws minimal power making it ideal for use in conjunction with a Dream Player in a battery powered set-ups.

If you have questions about how to connect the sensor to your Dream Player or need more in-depth technical details feel free to contact us.
Video explaining operation of the Motion Sensor

PIR Quick Start PDF

PIR/Dream Player Wiring Diagrams

PIR Motion Sensor (DP-PIR)
Includes; 1 PIR Motion Sensor & Quick Start Guide MSRP $29.00

ULN2803 Control Output Driver Chip (ULN2803)
Replacement driver chip used for control outputs. 18pin DIP package, and is socketed on the Dream Player MK2. Keep a couple around to protect against wiring mishaps! MSRP $2.00

9VDC 500MA Wall Transformer (TXW-9V.5A)
This is a tried and true power supply, guaranteed to work with your Dream Players. MSRP $9.00
NOTE: power supply requires 120VAC (US) input!


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